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Jack and Rose Must celebrate bronze-level Louisiana Certified Habitat

By: Phyllis Griffard

Jack and Rose Must celebrate their bronze-level Louisiana Certified Habitat.

The Musts moved into their new home during the summer of 2021. They chose to build on this particular lot because of the small woods behind the house and a drainage easement which rarely gets mowed. They brought some native plants from their previous home and slowly started making flower beds. Rose and Jack add new beds and plants each season. They have seen the bee, butterfly, and bird populations increase over the last two years!

Fun fact--Rose and Jack were some of first applicants to the ANPP LCH program when it started, and their previous home was a silver level certified habitat. Just a reminder--you can always certify your habitat as a bronze level and work towards silver and gold upgrades at no cost to you!

Thanks for greauxing native, Rose and Jack!

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