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We Demonstrate

ANPP installed a demonstration garden in 2017 near the entrance of Acadian Village ( at the historic Bernard House. Designed by ecological landscaping consultant Bill Fontenot and installed by ANPP volunteers, the Demonstration Garden showcases our natural heritage via the prairie plants, shade ferns, woody shrubs and native irises that would have been present in the landscape at the time these homes were inhabited.


ANPP also maintains a demonstration garden at the June Walker Memorial Greenhouse. It serves as a perpetual source of plant material we grow plants from as well as a showcase of species we recommend. The garden was designed by Dona Weifenbach.


We also help to maintain the Rain Garden at Vermilionville. The Rain Garden showcases native plants suited for stabilizing and thriving in wet soils.


Curious about the plants found along the rain garden boardwalk?  

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