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Featured Native Plant Educators: The Vidrines

This month we salute Malcolm and Gail Quillman Vidrine of Eunice. They are both authors, and educators and are long time advocates for prairie preservation. He is a co-founder of the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society since 1989. In 1996 Malcolm and Gail transformed their property on the outskirts of Eunice from lawn to a thriving restored prairie interspersed with walking paths to view plants and animals up close. I visited their garden, Cajun Prairie Gardens, after the last CPHPS meeting in September. As we walked along the trails, I was impressed by the diversity of mature grasses and forbs as well as the pollinators that buzzed around me and the butterflies flying above the vegetation.

Malcolm and Gail encourage visitors to make an appointment to visit their prairie restoration, learn about the plants and their benefits to the environment and collect cuttings from native prairie species. You may go home with cuttings of prairie species to root at home or dig a rooted division from native grasses for a donation. You can download Malcolm’s list of Bully Cajun Prairie Plants by selecting his blog at and contact him at

From the ANPP October 2021 Newsletter

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