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Featured Native Plant Advocate: Steve Dale Nevitt

By: Phyllis Giffard

Native plant advocate Steve Nevitt distributes native prarie seeds.

Steve is a past president of the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society, and current Prairie Manager for the Society. He is the owner of Louisiana Native Seed Company. His company specializes in prairie restoration, pollinator gardens, and meadow landscaping. A Louisiana native, Steve spent his childhood fishing for sac a lait in the basin, hunting for dove on the prairie and duck in the cheniere plain. He received a B.S. in Renewable Resources and Environmental Science from ULL and an M.S. in Geology from the School of Geosciences at ULL. Steve worked as a consulting geoscientist for 5 years before pursuing his interest in prairie restoration full-time. In Steve's words, " I love the rich lands that surround us and seek to encourage appropriate management of our home range through education, awareness and practice. Unfortunately, all the land in Louisiana has been impacted, and degraded from its natural state. To walk away and leave a once-farmed field to ‘go-back-to-nature’ is akin to abandoning any project in the middle and expecting it to return to its original state on its own. Restoration must be deliberate and may seem like a daunting task, but you are putting into motion a cycle that will continue for generations." ANPP applauds your efforts Steve, keep up the great work!

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