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Workshops and Virtual Tours


Y2H: Yard-to-Habitat

Landscape transformation for homeowners and landscapers

Y2H is ANPP’s half-day workshop designed to help homeowners and landscapers transform property, from small yards in town to big pastures in the country, to work as habitat for pollinators, birds and other wildlife and improve ecological resilience. 

After an introduction to the basic principles to landscaping for habitat and a walk in our demonstration garden, you’ll work in small groups with ANPP’s most experienced native gardeners to sketch your site plan, create a plant list with sources and a timeline. 

Our Y2H workshop typically costs $40 for non-members/32 for members. Ideal group size is 20 participants. Discounts or rebates available for students, partners and independent landscapers. Previous enrollees welcome to attend for free to follow up on their plans. Just ask!

We offer Y2H on a regular basis or on demand. 


Prairies 101

Prairies are established grasslands with complex, diverse plant and pollinator communities. Sadly, only a tiny fraction of the historical Cajun Prairie has not been lost to development and agriculture. What can you do for pollinators in your small yard in town, or with acreage you don’t want to mow anymore? ANPP's Prairie workshops are  interactive experiences with some of our local prairie experts and native plant heroes who can get you started.

Typical Agenda Includes

  • A ramble in the Ecology Center prairie restoration

  • Short talks and Q&A

    • What is so special about prairies?

    • The range of prairie projects that are possible

    • How-to decide and How-to install  

  • Go deeper. Small group conversations about:

    • Pocket prairie gardens in a traditional neighborhood

    • Pocket prairie gardens for schools and curriculum

    • Pasture to prairie for wildlife

    • Prairie restoration for agriculture

    • Federal and state assistance for restoration

    • Our remaining prairies

Virtual Tours of Habitat Gardens in Acadiana
The garden of Lawrence Rozas and Donna Gauthier in a residential neighborhood in Sunset, LA
The garden of Dona Weifenbach and Neil Burgard on former farmland in Sunset, LA
The garden of Kay Bray and Greg Gilman in Lafayette’s Saints Streets area
Monica and Steve Boutte’s Humble Earth Gardens in Lafayette
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